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Refund of reference/telex fee

Restrictions on use of satellite phones in India

Advisory on e-visa

Applications for all types of visas should be submitted to

Consular Wing

Consulate General of India, Osaka-Kobe(Japan)

Semba I.S. Bldg. 10F, 1-9-26,

Kyutaromachi, Chuo-ku,,
Osaka 541-0056
Tel.No:6261 – 7299

Fax.No:6261 - 7201
Email ID:


Working hours:

Monday – Friday 0930 to 1130 hrs – Accepting Applications

                            1530 to 1630 hrs – Delivery of Passports

For rates of visa fees for various categories of visa for different countries, see list at Visa Fees 

  • A visa application is required to be made in the prescribed application form

  • Visa application form should be signed by the applicant

Indicative Processing Time

The processing times shown below are only indicative [Depending upon circumstances or merits of a case, processing time may vary].

1. Japanese nationals from jurisdiction of Consolate General Of India,Osaka-Kobe :

(i)      Three working days

(ii)     Application processing status can be checked on the online visa application website. 
2. Others: Five (5) working days

Click on the relevant links below for more detailed information and instructions:

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